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The British general consul stationed in Shanghai lead foreig

      In order to promote international technology transfer and cooperation, strengthen the effective docking between high-tech enterprises and the British innovation resources , facilitate more overseas advanced technology which meet the needs of development of local industry to  land in Nanjing and realize industrialization, In the afternoon of March 23 , the leaders of high-tech district and British general consul stationed in Shanghai led foreign entrepreneurs to visit Norman, president of Norman and other leadership provided the visitors warm reception.

      Foreign entrepreneurs delegation first visited our office management area, knew about Norman core organization structure and function. Subsequently the delegation went to R&D center for exchanging. Responsible person of R & D Center introduced the development process of our products in detail to the members of the delegation. Norman adheres to the independent research and development production of antigen and antibody, this attitude let delegation feel deeply Norman's strong R & D strength and spirit of rigorous attention. The delegation carefully inquired every items and platform, The PCT items contained in chemiluminescence platform, is peripheral blood detection, high accuracy, small volume, impressed the delegation and coursed them to get great interest.

      After understanding the products, the delegation visited the R&D laboratory with interest, observed and learned luminescence principle of Norman automatic cheminuminescence analyzer, engineering machine and finished machine, immune turbidimetry analyzer, function of POCT tube chemical luminous instrument and the process of research and development, also gave high praise in new concept of minimally invasive of Norman instrument and strongly expect to make win-win cooperation.


     Norman sincerely looks forward to working with more domestic and foreign outstanding enterprises, exchanges the latest ideas, works together to promote the prosperity and development of IVD industry.


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